Do you want to enter a new market?

We are a Czech trading company emphasizing sustainability, tradition, and high-quality products. We source European manufacturers and brands, introducing them to the Czech market and partnering with businesses in various foreign markets.

We represent leading European manufacturers and startups specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable production.

We are dominant in the packaging & paper products.

For over 30 years, we have been operating in the printing industry, manufacturing, and packaging. We have expertise in technologies for the food industry, which also extends our knowledge to other related fields. This allows us to offer quality business collaboration across a broader spectrum of areas.

Distributor / Reseller

We enter into long-term exclusive contracts for the Czech market. We often act as a distributor or reseller, and in some cases, as a licensed manufacturer.

Marketing & Branding

We have our own marketing agency and multimedia studio within our group, enabling us to create highly effective marketing support for any brand.

Prague Store

We have one dedicated retail space in the center of the capital city, Prague, where we can host pop-up events or showcase products for direct B2C sales.

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Advance with respect and reverence for our values.

We build upon the work and dedication of our parents, whose entrepreneurial beginnings date back to the post-revolutionary period and the early 1990s.

Over the past nearly two decades, we have built a successful brand of Czech planners and notebooks called CLEVER MINDS. We dedicated all our attention to it, with the aim of eventually reviving the family company and fostering its growth.

From our original focus on printing and advertising activities, we have expanded into several other areas over the years, in which our companies now operate.

Our goal is to bring quality in eco-friendly design and packaging to the Czech Republic. There is still a lack of many brands in the Czech market that we would like to see here.


We operate our own e-shop offering packaging solutions for Czech customers.